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Choosing a name for your Chihuahua is a big deal and shouldn't be taken lightly. After all, it's not something that you can simply change a few years down the road if you decide that you no longer like it. For this reason, you should take the time to carefully go over some of the best names for the Chihuahua breed. Don't stress out if you haven't picked a name for your Chihuahua yet, as we're going to give you completely free access to all of the top names for you beloved Chihuahua.

You might be wondering just who we are - well, is owned and operated by a group of Chihuahua owners and lovers who've dedicated this site to helping you find the perfect name for your Chihuahua. Here you will find information on all things Chihuahua, including tips on naming your Chihuahua along with a list of our most popular names If you don’t see a Chihuahua name you like, we recommend checking back as we're constantly adding more Chihuahua names to our website.

Chihuahua Puppies

Top 100 Boy Chihuahua Names Top 100 Girl Chihuahua Names
Ace Abby
Ash Alley
Aaron Angel
Alex Athena
A.J. Bambi
Axel Bangle
Astro Bebe
Andy Bella
Amos Bina
Bert Bits
Bear Bitsy
Benji Blondie
Boss Bonsai
Bailey Boo Boo
Benjamin Brownie
Blake Bunny
Biscuit Candy
Benny Caramel
Buzz Casey
Bo-Bo Cassidy
Bruno CeCe
Bruiser Cha Cha
Buttercup Chanel
Chief Charlotte
Chip Chiffon
Chico Cinnamon
Clutz Coco
Casper Confetti
Cash Cupcake
Denny Daisy
Devil Duchess
Eernie Ebony
Elvis Espresso
Elroy Farrah
Felix FeFe
Filo Flower
Fiz Foxy
Gizmo Freckles
Hero Frenchie
Ham Genie
Hugo Gigi
Handsome Ginger
Iggy Giselle
Ice Goldilocks
Jag Gucci
Jaden Gumdrop
Kenju Havana
King Hermes
Kong Honey
Kaine Hope
Lasher Indigo
Lad Ivy
Lucky Jasmine
Louie Juliet
Lion Justice
Max Karma
Mini Lexi
Mack Lexus
Might Lilac
Night Lilly
Ninja Lola
Nitro Lolita
Oppie Lucy
Oliver Lulu
Oscar Mariachi
Otis Martini
Peanut Mary Jane
Paw-Paw Mercedes
Popeye Mocha
Paine Mona Lisa
Pie-Boy Monroe
Prancer Muffin
Pup Paris
Quincy Peaches
Ranger Peanut
Ralph Penelope
Rover Penny
Rebel Pinkie
Ringo Piper
Rex Polly
Rhino Princess
Slasher Queenie
Socks Rainbow
Scooter Sadie
Stevie Sienna
Sesame Simone
Spots Skittles
Scooby Stella
Tiny Sugar
Tick Sweet Pea
Teenie Tahiti
Thor Tequila
Tackle Tinkerbell
Thrasher Tippy
Tom-Tom Tulip
Tango Twinkie
Woogie Venti
Waffle Visa
Zeb Yasmine
Ziggly Zoe

Name Your Chihuahua Based on Their Personality

Chihuahuas are known as a breed full of unique personality and character traits. If you want to take full advantage of this, consider naming your Chihuahua something related to his or her personality. Doing so is the perfect way to announce their personality to the world and let everyone know just what type of dog they are.

If your Chihuahua has a funny or unique personality (which most of them do!), then you shouldn't have a problem finding a name to suit them. For example if your Chihuahua likes to pounce on their toys, you can name them "Tiger".

Chihuahuas are the smallest dog breed in the world, but if you've ever owned one you know they don’t act like it. When faced against a dog two or even three times their size, they'll show their teeth while holding their ground. If this sounds like your Chihuahua, you could name them something ferocious, such as "Bruiser" or "Rex". The best part of naming your Chihuahua after their personality is the unique and personal touch added.

Big or Small Chihuahua Names

Even though the Chihuahua breed holds the title for the smallest dog breed, you can choose both small or large names for them. The reason this 2-sided naming principle works so well with Chihuahuas is because of their large personality. Small names such as "Bitty", "Amos" and "Tinkerbell" are just a couple ideas which relate to their physical size. On the other hand, "Titan" or "Hulk" are two popular Chihuahua names that displays their big personalities.

Name Your Chihuahua Based on Coat Color

Chihuahua Standing UpChihuahua coats come in an endless number of colors, designs and combinations. One method frequently used by owners is to choose a name that's based on their Chihuahua's coat. If your Chihuahua is all black, "Midnight" would be a suitable name. A gray Chihuahua could be named "Smokey". If your Chihuahua is all white, maybe "Snowflake" would be a good name for them. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to naming your Chihuahua based on their coat.

Chihuahua Naming Tips

Many owners make the mistake of calling their Chihuahua by two or more different names. Once you think of a name for your Chihuahua, stick with it and only call them using the name you've chosen. Don't go making up nicknames or variations either. Calling your Chihuahua multiple names will confuse them, so only use a single name.

In addition, you should also avoid names which sound familiar to any commands you've trained your Chihuahua with, as well as names of other family members in the house. You want your Chihuahua's name to be unique and distinct so they'll better recognize it when spoken.